Clean room

[KANKYO], Creating and maintaining a clean environment. Spaces finishied with high-quality materials, for creating high-quality products.
Cleanrooms are essential in plants manufacturing integrated circuits, LCD panels and other high-tech products. But clean space technology is not limited only to industrial applications. It is a vital part of modern living -- in medical applications, food product applications, and biohazard rooms where cleanroom equipment is reversed to prevent leakage of radiation to the outside. Our high-precision technology is hard at work in spaces which control the microenvironment.

A variety of metal and plastic cleanroom components

Today's cleanrooms are indispensible for manufacturing high-quality products and ensuring health, and panels for blocking off space such as floors, ceilings, partitions and attic dividers are an integral part of those cleanrooms.
We develop aluminum panels which are stronger, lighter and more versatile than stainless steel or Galvalume steel sheet.
Naturally, these panels must have precision and quality on the micro level, and technology to enable designers and users to express their ideas.
With that in mind, we offer a complete system of metal and plastic components suited to cleanroom scale.

Delivery results: Sharp Green Front Sakai

A steel product, an aluminum stainless product, and large-scale fittings were delivered to the factory.

Delivery results: The fifth factory in Panasonic Amagasaki

A material and large-scale parts were delivered to the fifth factory of Panasonic in Amagasaki.

Delivery results: Panasonic IPS alpha technology Himeji factory

A material and large-scale parts were delivered to the Himeji the IPS alpha technology factory of the Panasonic that had begun to operate in Himeji.

Image Copyright: Panasonic Ltd.
Image Copyright: Panasonic Ltd.

Delivery results:Tokushima factory of Nichia Corporation

Tokushima factory of Nichia Corporation
Image Copyright: Nichia Corporation